Friday, 25 April 2008

Why I generally dislike people - part 257

It's been a while since I posted about that day someone tried to burn me and fellow flatmates alive, so I figured I'd knock together a quick update. I'm not aiming for eloquence here, and it's a Friday morning, so there you go.

I had to give a police statement the following day, which involved me going down to the station in Bromley and talking very slowly for two hours. I am not good at talking slowly; I dislike doing so for the same reason I hate training people at work. My patience eventually just snaps like old trouser elastic, and then I wake up to find myself surrounded by bodies.

Mister Police Man was very friendly, and told me:
  1. Dave had admitted to wilful destruction of property.
  2. Nothing at all about a possible assault charge on the landlady.
  3. That they probably would not attempt to press charges for arson, as they would be concentrating on point number 1 instead.
And then I heard nothing until yesterday, when I was told by the landlady's son - who, let us not forget, performed a service to humanity by punching Dave - had been arrested for assault.

Yes, you read that right: Dave, smoulderer of the innocent and a man willing to openly threaten his landlady, his girlfriend and his flatmates, is pressing charges against someone who actually hits back. On the bright side, I guess, all those people back at school who said that "bullies are really cowards" finally got vindicated.

If this sticks, I will not be happy.


Melvin said...

And people say that an eye for aneye is not real justice?
I say stick him in a room and chuck a match, see how he likes it?

notwelshman said...

Normally I wouldn't, but I tend to agree with you in this case. Not because I like the idea of eye-for-an-eye any more than usual, but because it was me he endangered, whether he was aiming to or not.

Funny how that happens, I guess.

Mind, he is a lunatic.

Currently, the hall of my flat looks like a building site, because the landlady's son is fixing it up. And yet, the absences of Dave and Sarah still make up for that fact.

Lily said...

in the intellectual part of my mind (approx 3% of my limited grey matter) i say "don't worry, he'll get his come-uppance in the end"

in the emotional part of my brain (approx 97% mostly taken up by wanting to cry at films & make high pitched noises at kittens) i say "jeez, it's people like that that make me really want to stay single for the rest of my life. and DEFINITELY never try speed-dating. who would think to ask "would you ever set fire to me & our home?" in 3 minutes? very few people, but maybe they should....