Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wait... I do know you

Even Darker SparkleI now know who the author of Darker Sparkle is. I'd love to tell you that I tracked them down with my trademark cunning and detective abilities, but - hard though this may be to believe - I didn't. They read my blog post and enlightened me and called me a doughnut.

Brummies, eh?

Interesting point to be made, though, about the ease of anonymonity on the internet. The person running the aforementioned blog is someone I lived with for six months, worked with for near two years, and with whom I still keep (sporadic) contact. There were subtle clues in her writing - her current location, for a start. But remove the pictures and change the name (Lily? Que?) and suddenly you have a complete stranger.

It's a well-trodden subject, so I shan't harp on about it. But this is relevant to my writing; one of my stories in the SINS Anthology touched on the idea of internet personalities, and it's very much a subject I'd like to return to at some point.


Lily said...

Brummies eh? ;-)

notwelshman said...

Wouldn't trust 'em. :)